May 26, 2024

Aligue rice with chicharon bulaklak at Tagpuan was an unforgettable treat. The crab fat that is mixed in the fried rice is authentic and the pork intestines that are fried to crumbly perfection in this meal should have your doctor double your ‘statins’ to calm your system from the cholesterol and uric acid. The sweet and spicy vinegar and the cucumber, onion, and tomato salad balance the fatty combination of textures and flavors.
The grilled street food at 5Bs Corner leave a memory of the sweet scent of meats like chicken tail, chicken intestines, Betamax, or pork barbeque and the caramelized candies that add the crunch to the meat linger in the palate. The burnt sweet corners of the meat are always delicious.
The strawberry glazed ribs at Decades are truly delicious and tender. The taste of strawberries in the sauce is a must try because this is the only place with the salty sweet glossy concoction that flavors the ribs. The side of salad with lettuce, apple strips, onions, and slices of fresh strawberries makes this a different kind of gastronomic feast.
Bagnet with ensaladang pakbet at L’Epicure has a nice twist to the familiar and favorite Ilocano dish. The vegetables were fried and garnished with green onions and garlic. The shrimp paste and hoisin sauce are lightly drizzled on the meat and vegetables. The pork rind is crispy and the meat chewy.
Braised pork ribs with tausi at Super Bowl of China with sesame seeds and chilies is always a good choice in dimsum menus. There is something about the fried or sauteed meats that are steamed again that makes the dish savory. This paired off with salted fish fried rice says goodbye to the diet at any time of the day.
Gypsy adlai tabbouleh with fried halloumi is a salad made of grain with red cabbage, red radish, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, grated carrots, spinach, peeled grilled cherry tomatoes and fried white cheese drizzled with honey mustard dressing is awesome. All the textures and scents of the vegetables while being munched is a sensuous experience. The senses are all activated with this salad that is not ordinary. Fried goat cheese has its appeal to the taste buds.
Chef’s presentation of the Mediterranean chicken edamis a delicious sauce dish best eaten with grilled pita bread. The chili sauce puts some flame to the dip according to your taste. Eating in this style makes the curious Pinoy palate want the lamb biryani and hummus for a sumptuous lunch. The cooking style is closest to Pakistani food but still diverse.
Ranee House of Curry has this beef curry masala as the main dish in this lunch plate. The tender beef chunks slow cooked in the masala sauce made from a variety of spices is typically Indian. This complete meal with rice, pita bread, beans, boiled egg, and a dessert of sweetened rice rolled on desiccated coconut. A fair warning says that this is filling in the combination. This is best with a cold glass of tamarind juice.
Samgyupsal has become such a craze hereabouts. Rusticz has the eat-all-you-can version that Pinoy palates will enjoy more because the choice of meats are not plain pork belly or sukiyaki slices of beef but a gamut of spam, marinated pork, marinated chicken, spicy marinated beef, and cheese to grill on the methane stove. The green lettuce is not as much as in the regular samgyupsal restaurants. In addition to the grill, there are pizzas, pastas, the popular bulgogi, chicken wings, potato chips, and a whole menu to choose from. But leftovers are not allowed.
Staying home and delivery options saw wickd wok cashew chicken come with broccoli florets, cashew nuts and sprinkles of sesame seeds on the rice meal in a box. This popular packaging also has its charm and eating meals in a box at home gives you a feel of the family movie times when you eat while enjoying a movie together. This rice meal is filling.
Spicy salmon sashimi at Botejyu is special to this Japanese restaurant. A late afternoon side dish with a bottle of beer makes this a great pair. This veranda restaurant has all the Japanese fun food from like sushi and Takoyaki, if you want some with all the different sauces that accompany this.
A good cup of coffee can cap a meal, and this should be sampled at Nest Coffee Roasters of Calle Uno. The beans are sourced from the different plantations of Tublay, Itogon, Kalinga, and other places that you may prefer and these are roasted then brewed. The aero press coffee is another way of preparing the hot drink by pouring water slowly over the ground beans and allowing it to drip into a cup. This is still a variation of the coffee drip.
There are many other favorites from this year’s foodie trips but the space limits the fare.
To end this edition of discovered food, the pupcakes by Fur-babies Pet Cake and Treats are for beloved pets. They have found ways to celebrate dog and cat birthdays by making pupcakes and catcakes. Not just humans but even animals can have treats.
Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s go feasting again.