June 20, 2024
Ifugao group establishing their opening spiel  with Lovie Jane Dangoy and Deane Mischa Carreon.

How often are you given a chance to pursue something great at a young age? The opportunity suddenly knocks at your door without warning and voila!  
You are catapulted to a world of wonders. You might have been exposed to the idea of videos already, but for your idea to materialize from nothing to something is really like Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “hitching your wagon to a star.”

Master trainer Abbie Lara giving pointers on video shoot and the camera.

As Gene Wilder sings in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, “Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination.”  
Five high school and four college students, including a participant from the non-government organization were given an opportunity to undergo a week of intense training on digitization thru a selective process.  As the tech world would describe it, “Digitization is a process of converting information whether in photos or words into a digital format. The result is the representation of an object, image, sound, document, or signal obtained by generating a series of numbers that describe a discrete set of points or samples.”

Social Media Resource person Chino Chow giving tips.

The one-week “Digitization – Video editing Seminar-Workshop” was part of the donation from SM Supermalls personally signed by President Steven Tan and given to the Board of Trustees of the Baguio Museum in November 2022.
This was in response to the clamor of the Baguio Museum to digitalize the museum library thru state-of-the-art laptops that could be used for its programs, researches and presentations – a brain child of Vice-President Edilberto Tenefrancia.

Video editor Mervine Aquino giving tips on video shots.

Added to the financial assistance was a program to train students on digitalization, and they could re-echo their experience to their schoolmates, schools or institutions.
The museum then got master trainer Abigail Lara, a veteran videographer, editor and producer whose experience included stints in GMA7 and the Probe Team. The mentors invited were resource persons Mervine Aquino, who taught the technical aspects and Chino Chow, disc jockey, vlogger and an expert on the advantages of social media.

The digitization graduates were handed their certificates of participation and completion by SM Baguio Assistant Mall Manager Michael Jason Pena, master trainer Abbie Lara, curator Gemma Estolas, the museum Executive Director with resource speaker Mervine Aquino and   BCNHS SPA Media Arts mentor Esti  Mendoza, parents, and guests.

Museum Assistant Curator Gemma Estolas was the project coordinator with Jocelyn Gardingan as the project facilitator.
The chosen students were Lovie Jane Dangoy from the Breakfast Feeding For Learning Inc., Deane Mischa Carreon Raczha Lauryn Albano Josfer Keil Papay Shaina Mae Basilio Shanice Lael Lagera from the Baguio City National High School, Special Performing Arts – Media Arts under mentor Esti Mendoza.
The college students were  Angel Weiah Magastino  and Jaebez Rezia Pio from the University of Baguio; Jorge Christian dela Cruz from the Saint Louis University; and Ronn Jee Agan from the Baguio College of Technology.

Posterity photo of the digitization participants, trainers and project coordinator: Left to right (front row) Gemma Estolas, Chino Chow and Master Trainor Abbie Lara.  Back rows: Jorge Christian Dela Cruz, Raczha Lauryn Albano, Deane Mischa Carreon, Jaebez Rezia Pio, Angel Weiah Magastino,  Lovie Jane Dangoy, Ronn Jee Agan,  Josfer Kiel Papay Shanice Lael Lagera and Shaina Mae Basilio.

“We are happy and honored with this partnership with the Baguio Museum. We  have much appreciation for arts and culture this City holds,” stated SM Assistant Mall Manager Michael Jason Pena, in his speech during the closing ceremony last Sunday.
“We are certain that our students or the workshop graduates will utilize the skills they learned to contribute to the City’s creative economic landscape. We shall continue to take initiatives that will help towards cultural preservation and protection,” he added.

The Digitization Collab Team: (L-R) Mervine Aquino, Jocelyn Gardingan, Michael Jason Pena, Lainey Magboo del Rosario, Abbie Lara and Gemma Estolas.

The project was fully supported by SM Mall Manager Rona Correa with Marketing Manager Lainey Magboo-del Rosario and Marketing Office Faith Villegas.
Deanne and Raczha expressed their appreciation on the training and experience of a healthy, fun and enjoyable workshop. The participants were thankful for the opportunity given. They felt pressure and anxiety at the beginning of the program, being introduced to new video knowledge.

SM group interviewing Mall Manager Rona Correa about the cultural and arts contributions of SM to the Baguio community with Marketing Officer Faith Villegas, Shanice Lael Lagera, Jaebez Rezia Pio and Jorge Christian dela Cruz.

Deanne and Raczha later found out that the time allotted was “kulang” or insufficient in the end. The parents themselves were surprised at the progress of their children’s learning and jokingly said that it was their time to learn from their children.

A shoot of the Kalinga group: Ronn Jee Agan and Raczha Lauryn Albano with Museum Assistant Curator Gemma Gardingan Estolas explaining the design pattern of the Kalinga blanket.

I believe that this digitization workshop made an impact in the social milieu and technical knowledge of the students. It was surely a stepping stone for further learning and sharing. Hopefully there will be more sponsors for future projects, so the museum could continue teaching and training students and young professionals on how to promote and preserve culture and how to apply their new skills onto their projects through documentation and videos.
Yes graduates. Hitch your wagons to the stars! And we hope to see the fruition of your dreams in five years.

Scale model group Josfer Kiel Papay, Angel Weiah Magastino and Shaina Mae Basilio assessing the close up shots of the development of Baguio.