June 24, 2024

Dear Manang,
It still makes me wonder how my husband’s mind works after more than 30 years together. I think I spoiled him too much because I don’t ask much from him and allowed him to use me for every little thing that must be done in the house and in the business. The repairs in their apartments are needed and he was the one who contacted the carpenters but it appears like the job wasn’t done right and he wants me to check up on the work. I don’t need to be there because the gasoline I need to drive back and forth is not reimbursed in any way. I make my own living to have money. What did I do wrong?
Nitz of Buhagan Road, Baguio City

Dear Nitz,
Life is indeed strange but it is blessed with wives like you. To complain after 30 years seems odd or have you grown-up or matured? The togetherness has surpassed all tests of time and yet here you are still wondering about the kind of husband that you have. If you ask me, the situation will never change; it is you who has changed. Maybe, it is just your income that is at stake. It sounds like you have no money or your income has dwindled in these pandemic times that’s why you are complaining about gasoline. Maybe it needs some asking him to give you gasoline money. You can try but to ask for change now is a bit frustrating and impossible. Continue to be the good wife and just think of this as your challenge from God.
Keep on giving,

Dear Manang,
I used to breed shih tzus and earn enough money for myself and my personal needs. My dogs had aged and died one by one this year. I guess it was my fault too because I loved them too much to prepare for their eventual demise. I need to buy new breeders but I spent too much money when they got sick and had to be brought to the vet. Now that I don’t have money, I regret my lack of foresight. It must be age. What is there to do?
Kleng of Marcoville, Baguio City

Dear Kleng,
You definitely sat in your comfort zone too long. You should have had the foresight that like you, the dogs have lifespans too. Well, no rule says that we can’t start over. It could be that we will be given a chance to breed some again. I hope that you will see ahead of time that you should keep some for future breeders. This is a temporary setback. I know that you will find other means to make some money. Keep the faith but what about plants? Maybe you have the talent too.
There’s something in store for you,