July 14, 2024

The deadline for the submission of concept papers for participation in the different contested in the Ibagiw Festival has been extended.
For competitions in the crafts and folk art: backstrap weaving, basketry, carving, and art installation, the secretariat will be accepting concept papers until Oct. 25.
Deadline for the short film competition is on Nov. 8.
The competitions aim to encourage innovations in the city’s major crafts and folk art traditions and inspire a new generation of craftsmen and women and folk artists.
The secretariat reminds about the guidelines in the contest. For back-strap textile weaving, the tapestry should have dimensions of at least 14 inches in width and three yards in length. Introducing other materials to enhance the entries is allowed as enhancements, but the weave shall remain the dominant component of the tapestry.
For basketry, the design should be inspired by any of the traditional Cordilleran designs such as the pasiking, sangi, inabnutan, kayabang, etc. with dimensions of at least eight inches (width) x eight inches (height) and three-inch (thickness), or for circular designs, a diameter of at least eight inches with a height of at least eight inches. Introducing other materials to enhance the entries is allowed, but the main raw material in the category, bamboo, must be dominant in the finished product.
For woodcarving, the piece must be at least 24 inches in height. Introducing other materials to enhance the entries is allowed but bamboo, as the main raw material should remain dominant.
For metalcraft, entries must be a set consisting of any three of the following pieces: necklace, bracelet, ring, headwear, earrings, or nose ring. Introducing other materials to enhance the entries is allowed such as precious stones, gems, but metal should be the most dominant material.
The competitions are open to artists/designers and artisans of Baguio and the rest of the Cordillera. Interested participants may join as an individual or collaborate with two or more persons, must pass an audition process, which includes the submission of a concept paper detailing their proposed piece and a skills demonstration.
The concept paper should include a description and sketch of their proposed design. It may be sent via email at [email protected] or submitted at the Festival Secretariat, 2nd floor, Cordillera Crafts and Productivity Center, Upper Session Road, Baguio City;
Eight entries will be chosen as finalists for each of the categories. Each finalist shall be awarded an honorarium of P5,000, except for those in the metalcraft category who will be receiving P8,000.
Except in the metalcraft category, the contestants shall be provided materials and tools.
From Nov. 11 to 17, the contestants will be made to make their entries on-site and under supervision of the competitions committee-designated supervisor. Participants are not allowed to take their respective pieces outside of the competition site.
Contest details may be accessed at www.ibagiw.com. – Press release