September 28, 2023

Dear Manang,
I recently read an article that ice water can cause heart attacks in later life. Is that really true? I am so fond of ice in my drinks and it would be silly to change my habits at this point in time. But I was told by a doctor classmate that it’s a fallacy.
Winnie of Country Club Village, Baguio City

Dear Winnie,
I Googled your question and this is what I got. “While more research is needed into the effects of cold water on the body, we do know it can lead to hypothermia and raise our stress hormone levels, increasing the risk of abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) and possibly even cardiac arrest.” There are other answers to your question about this and you could try to search and research too. It’s actually fun to scan the web. I hope this helps.
Check it out,

Dear Manang,
My children are in their 30s but my two sons have no girlfriends and my daughter is not a social animal. She is content with working from home. I’m worried because all of them are busy with their own jobs and computer games. I enjoy the thought that I can cook and see them daily. They also have a lot of money and give me money for the house but I want to see the next generation too. What do I do?
Clarisse of Upper Malvar, Baguio City

Dear Clarisse,
I guess this is the sign of the times. Technology has changed lifestyles and it inspires people to do things on their own. There is not much more to want if you have work and money to buy what you want. Maybe you can match make by inviting children of friends over too. Sometimes you have to create the occasion. I’m sure you have friends whose children went to school with them, ask them over or have dinner out. It’s the face-to-face meetings that are absent. I have a friend who had a rendezvous in Singapore just for the children to bond.
Try it,