September 30, 2023

The primary reason why Internet users become bloggers (for writers) and/or vloggers (for films) is in order to gain a fan base.
This is why it is noticeable that before the start of each and every blog or vlog in the Internet, the watchers are urged to subscribe. The more subscriptions, the more followers, and the more followers, the more reward the bloggers or vloggers is given, in terms of money and recognition. This is how blogging or vlogging works on a profit basis – to solicit as many customers as one can and be a sensation in the Internet.
To achieve this, bloggers/vloggers employ all means, both foul and fair, to gain subscription. They make sure that they stir the curiosity of their followers by goading them to want some more of what they are writing or producing. They feed their followers with a drug-like substance that makes them addicted to what they post.
Bloggers/vloggers are aware that it is in the topics that involve the unusual, rare, surprising, malicious or downright dumb that they can sell their pieces and ideas. Hence, it is not surprising that the posts in the Internet that have the most likes and go viral are those that are controversial and scandalous. It is from here that the vloggers/bloggers derive satisfaction, unmindful that what they are professing may be offensive to others.
There is a viral film in the Internet provided by a self-contained “drag queen” wherein he is seen dressed as the Black Nazarene.
In the film, it is seen he is gyrating as if in a trance and while others in the background are urging him to go on some more, he proceeds to sing and rock the “Ama Namin,” the most sacred song in the Catholic faith.
The controversy in his performance is not as much that he dressed like Jesus Christ but by the manner by which he interpreted the “Ama Namin.” Of course, it is offensive to the Catholic faithful with only a public apology enough to appease their emotions.
But no apology is forthcoming from the drag queen. He made it clear that he is not apologizing. He simply shrugged his head and alleged it was not his intention to offend. He only exercised his freedom of expression by interpreting a religious song in a manner he knows best how to convey his adoration.
He said it is really just a matter of differences of opinion. Thus, no matter how much people felt he sinned against God and against the Bible, he is adamant that he will not confess. As in fact, after he was publicly berated by Catholics, including Catholics who are members of the LGBTQ, he proceeded to produce other films of such nature.
His next film was about grading the taste of the communion host, which, to Catholics, becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ during the Eucharistic celebration by virtue of the Holy Process called Trans-substantiation.
Much like his first film, he got the ire and attention of Catholics. No less than the Pope reacted and although he made his own condemnation, it was only as far as the film is concerned. He did not touch on the root cause of the film.
Everybody, even non-Catholics, has a reason to be offended. It is blasphemous and downright sacrilegious. Towards this end, Catholics are demanding for redress and retribution. Nonetheless, what the drag queen got was a mere slap on the arm.
So far, no criminal charges have been filed against him and the only meaningful act imposed was the ordinance from the local government of General Santos City declaring him as a persona non grata.
Still, this action will not probably stop him from producing more films that are as offensive as the first ones. After all, his aim, as a vlogger, is to gain a following from whence he can premise his popularity.
To a certain extent, the more he is hated, more will watch his controversial films and the more he is watched, the more he will do it.
The best way, therefore, to curtail and hinder this madness is to stop watching the drag queen’s films. Boycott him in every way.
Incensed Catholics must realize that it is in their patronizing the films of the drag queen that is fueling their hatred.
Without them subscribing to the “Jesus Christ” films, it will give the drag queen no reason to make some more. Then, it will end.
As to the films that were already produced and that went viral, let God be the judge.