April 13, 2024

Dear Manang,
How do I deal with the fact that I have stressed myself with the demands that I make on myself? Before I sleep I go over a schedule for the next day and when my eyes open, I begin to feel tired while eating breakfast. When I realized it was causing my hypertension, I laughed. It just seems like the habit dies hard. Am I the only person who does this to herself or is this a natural thing?
Gleny of Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Gleny,
How nice to note you realized that you are your own stressor. We make lofty demands on ourselves to ensure that we achieve something through the day. Being driven is a natural tendency because we were oriented to have goals but these should be doable, particularly when these are daily routines. Chill on things you do but have a bucket list for long term dreams. Work towards those goals and just do what you can through the day.
Be kind to your heart,

Dear Manang,
My feelings of inadequacy have become larger than my ability to find some ways to shrug it off. I know that this is a kind of depression because my readings have allowed me to diagnose or understand this. I am stupid to think that I have been able to track my own journey of admissions and denials of reality but you might have some notion of these bits of mental anguish. I think I am going crazy and feel that I am a burden to my family. What can I do?
Reggie of Slaughterhouse Compound, Baguio City

Dear Reggie,
I must confess that I go through what you feel almost every day too. Like today, I am wondering if I am able to help you with your feelings. I too tell myself that I don’t know how I should help but I remind myself that the first principle in life has much to do with listening to someone’s pain. It is not so much as doing great things but it is about the little things that matter to someone else. We proceed daily with big and small endeavors but do not ever think that you are not worthy and that you don’t mean anything to anyone because you do.
Smile and be happy,