July 22, 2024

Intrigued by the loud sound inside the faculty room, I peeked at my colleague’s laptop. As usual, he was watching the NBA. This has become a way to kill boredom in the office, especially that we don’t have face-to-face classes. My colleague is an ardent fan of basketball.
I eventually sat beside him and watched the game. From watching, I realized that in life, like a game, winning or losing doesn’t matter as long as we always rise.
Have you ever seen a team that walked off the court at half-time and refused to return for the second half? This would be bizarre. A team that is losing will keep playing until the last second. The game becomes more exciting when the team lagging behind comes back after half-time and consistently earn points until they win.
Have you ever met a person who tries to call off the game in their life before it is over? There are people who are only a quarter through their life and have already given up. These people seriously need to see what life is. The game is not over until the Lord calls it over.
Life goes on even if you choose not to. Other people keep moving, changing, growing, and eventually succeeding. The only way to win in life same is to get into the game. In life, there are too many players that are stuck in locker room, choose to just sit on the bench and dwell on the things that went wrong. They are locked in the past – unable to move forward. They blame everyone, including their coaches for the pain they are suffering from. It helps to remind these people that timeout is over and when the whistle has been blown, it’s time to play. It’s time to get off the bench and walk back to court. Get your eyes on the clock that is ticking and make the most of it, rather than wasting the first half of your life.
Until the game is over in your life, don’t call it off. Let God be the one to call the final play. Keep your eyes on Him. It’s the only way to complete the game of life. (RITA B. MATIAS)