June 21, 2024
  1. The death rate due to Covid-19 in this LGU with relaxed health protocols is higher than the national average and concerned offices are worried about the statistics.
  2. The camp of a political coalition is resorting to gimmicks to draw the public’s attention to a ranking leader and his allies even if widely criticized by netizens.
  3. There’s poor staff work in the drafting of an RLECC resolution since it is not part of the mandate of chief executives to enact an ordinance or resolution for an LGU.
  4. Some quarters are slowly earning the courage to expose the supposed corruption in the implementation of multi-million projects in the localities due to 40 percent SOP.
  5. A known gambling lord will not enumerate the politicians who benefited from his generosity by funding their civic activities such as medical missions.
  6. Some politicians, who are not in the priority list of vacinees, have disregarded all protocols by making sure they are inoculated ahead of healthcare frontliners.
  7. An insensitive politician has the nerve to claim he will face the consequences for being vaccinated since he knows he will not be sanctioned because he is a known ally.
  8. Some government executives will not admit they signed these controversial resolutions without reviewing the provisions as their action was done in good faith.
  9. Well-paid propagandists are lobbying before a commissioner for indigenous peoples for a politician to be adopted as a son of an IP group and be given an Igorot name.
  10. Health officials are upbeat this LGU is starting to adhere anew to health protocols by advising residents to wear facemasks and acknowledging the threats of Covid-19.
  11. Another ranking official in the Cordillera, who is not in the priority list of vacinees, has already been inoculated but his camp claimed it was an anti-pneumonia vaccine.
  12. It took courage for this Baguio athlete to post on social media the perennial concern of national squad members which paved the way for the release of their delayed allowances.