March 21, 2023

Dear Manang,
Will it ever be overcome by wives that their jealousy is unfounded? I am amazed at how gossip is able to weave stories that are untrue. The poor victims do not seem to have any way of protecting themselves from the scandal. Do you have a remedy for such or have you encountered similar situations?
Diana of Brookside, Baguio City

Dear Diana,
It is such a wonder how wagging tongues are able to live with themselves for spreading such lies. I am amazed like you at how they even live with themselves for spreading falsehoods but I think it is human nature. I checked at one time by starting a gossip about myself with some people. True enough, I caught the story when it came back and a brave enough person asked me if it was true. Of course, I gossiped about myself and know how it can go around. There is no solution to this but there should be an opportunity for you to make friends with the wife to show her that you are not the culprit.
Wait for your time,

Dear Manang,
I have been silent for so long about the bullying of some women. I don’t understand why they are picking on me. It seems like my silence has allowed them to conjure more imagined events. Should I speak up?
Gringo of Lualhati, Baguio City

Dear Gringo,
You know better than me that sometimes feeding the fire don’t work. When we try to defend ourselves, it comes across as trying to cover up something. I am a believer that silence still kills and they will soon eat their own words. God doesn’t sleep and His is the greater poetic justice.
Just be,