July 16, 2024

Dear Manang,
My friend recently asked me to lend him money to allow his child to go to college. I know that it will be difficult to get it back in a short time but I know that it is a sound investment. However, I heard that he is terminally ill and has a few years to live. I feel like I’m being fooled. What do I do?
Ellie of San Pascual, Tuba, Benguet

Dear Ellie,
It would be foolish indeed if you lend money to him at this time since you know something more about him. I am still an optimist in that realm because I would lend the money knowing that it must be the direst of days for him. I am a person who has no problem with not getting my money back. I have lent cash to many people that I didn’t get back. Say that it is another one of those things. Say you bought something and lost it. I would give his child the chance.
God bless you,

Dear Manang,
Recently, there seems to be so much to do and I am going crazy trying to arrange schedules. Suddenly I am chasing time again when it’s time to slow down. I just think that I should take it in a schedule as it comes and not worry so much. There are many things I want to do too. But I am getting stressed and my blood pressure is on the rise.
Lily of Green Valley, Baguio City

Dear Lily,
That happens all the time, that schedule comes in surges and spurts. I believe that you can choose from two events that will conflict with each other but if you can attend all, I vote on that. Unless you play the organizer’s role, then it is too much but if you are a warm body, then go for it. Enjoy yourself because we have a lot to learn and do if we find time to do them. Do not worry too much but take one day at a time if you can.
Be cool,