June 20, 2024

I am enjoying a day off from work as I look up at the afternoon sky from my bedroom window. The sun is about to set and I can’t wait to see the sky turn purple, yellow, orange or red. I have always loved the sunsets especially in our place.

As I sat in anticipation, my thoughts were taken back to an argument I had with a relative a week ago. It could have been a nice morning and we are getting ready for work when this relative came and started making accusations. My cousin, who was with me at that time denied this claim, but the relative went on to say a few other things. I felt anger welling up in my gut, like a tornado that spins and progresses in a narrow path on the ground that even when this person is more than twice my age, I was not able to control myself and blew my fuse. My voice shaking and hands trembling, I went on and asked the relative to present proof, my voice uncontrolled, but was not able to present any. At that moment, more words came out of my mouth than I expected. I was spitting nails which I know have hurt my relative too but it’s also great to stand and speak up for yourself so that people know where to draw the line.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee then went back to my room. The color of the sky changed to bright yellow and orange. And when I look at how amazing the scenery is in front of my eyes, I remember what my father always told me when I looked at the horizon. He told me that the surface of the Earth and sky seemed to merge and blend into each other but in reality they did not. But if we look at it from our vantage point, we see it as if the ocean meets the sky. We may not get along with other people, even with our loved ones but our perspective can make a difference. We have all been deeply hurt or harmed by some people in our lives. This is something that happens between friends, workmates and with family members, with family being the most difficult type of relationship to put up with and endure. We cannot change other people’s behavior but we can certainly change whether and when we react to their behavior. And just like how vast the sky is, so should my patience and understanding.

The sky is getting darker, the sun setting on the west and as I have my final sip of coffee that afternoon, my heart felt peace.