May 26, 2024
  1. Politicians who were unlucky in the May elections remain hopeful they will be
    awarded contracts for infrastructure projects from a lawmaker cum benefactor.
  2. A key figure in the historic Mt. Data peace pact died recently without sufficient
    government support unlike the bogus paramilitary cadres being paid by the state.
  3. The DSWD leadership, after purging 1.3 million unqualified 4Ps recipients,
    must investigate if there was no conspiracy in the preparation of master lists.
  4. The historic win by the Filipinas football team is a proof Filipino athletes can
    excel in other events aside from basketball, the country’s most popular sport.
  5. A chief executive and his party are hopeful the barangay and SK elections take
    place so they can control the council to lessen opposition on contentious deals.
  6. The city government must also inspect the reported substandard restoration of
    city roads by a utility firm that conducts regular road diggings for its projects.
  7. A Cordillera solon was unaware he was swindled over P250,000 for supposed
    Noble PR campaign project since the amount was pocketed by a single person.
  8. One of the politician’s trustees has not benefited from the jacked-up prices of
    materials used in the repair and upgrade of buildings, including the sidewalks.
  9. This law enforcement unit did not exercise caution when it disclosed the name
    of a suspect in statutory rape that could led to the identification of his victim.
  10. Officials of this LGU in central Cordillera will no longer invite an enterprising
    team that demanded huge talent fee for documenting a recent regional activity.
  11. For years, City Hall and many agencies believed the claim of a worker of an
    office representing the southern minorities that he is a lawyer when he is not.
  12. Poll officials in this province who received ‘goodwill money’ from the lawyer
    of a winning official are hopeful no charges will be filed against them in the future.