July 15, 2024

CHR chief welcomes plan to include HR in educational curriculum

Human rights education is essential in building and nurturing a human rights culture that values equality and upholds the inherent dignity of all. It helps cultivate an enabling and empowering society where people are aware of their rights and are respectful of the rights of others. Government accountability and public service excellence are also strengthened through human rights education.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) welcomes the proposed bill of Sen. Loren Legarda to include in the educational curriculum Article III of the 1987 Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The proposed bill seeks to inculcate human rights principles among the younger generation. CHR is grateful the senator shares our vision of including the fundamental rights in basic education to ensure that young Filipinos imbibe human rights values during their crucial formative years so they may carry it with them for a lifetime.

Human rights education is important in empowering young people by making them knowledgeable about their rights while also being aware of the duties that come with rights. It also contributes to harmony in society as human rights values foster mutual understanding, equality, and tolerance among people from all walks of life, culture, and background.

For our part, CHR continues to ensure that crucial human rights education is made accessible to the people through our Human Rights Institute (HRI). We also provide trainings for government personnel for them to better understand their role as primary duty-bearers in fulfilling human rights obligations to faithfully comply with human rights standards and principles. To cater to a wide range of audience, the CHR’s Strategic Communication Division also produces and disseminates information, education, and campaign materials in all our online channels to make human rights principles relatable and relevant to the daily life of Filipinos.

In line with our human rights policy and promotions mandate, the CHR offers its experience and expertise in human rights education to contribute to the development of the bill. We believe that collaborative efforts across branches of government will enable us to develop a law that will ensure a robust human rights education that empowers the people while ensuring responsible exercise of rights toward a vibrant, enabling, and harmonious society. — ATTY. JACQUELINE ANN DE GUIA, Executive Director, Commission on Human Rights