April 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
Is it wrong to love someone who is in jail as an accessory to murder? I know it will have no fruition but there’s such a thing as platonic love. I have waited for Mr. Right, but how can it be so wrong? But it feels so right. Like the song says.
Darla of Quirino Hill, Baguio City

Dear Darla,
How can love be wrong? That feeling is more than enough to light a thousand fires or toss the waves high into the sky. That is what it is to be alive. That moment is in the heart to be kept warm like embers stoked by a touch or memory. I say stay warm in it.
Keep it right,

Dear Manang,
The house of God has many keepers who are the kindest and gentlest men. I can’t help but fall for our parish priest. It sounds like a desperate emotion but I don’t mind the pain. I will sacrifice for the rest of my life just to bask in his genteel gaze. Can my sins be forgiven?
Denia of Sto. Nino, Baguio City

Dear Denia,
Oops! Please don’t read my words for Darla because I cannot encourage this love with God’s emissary and His son. Don’t mistake the demeanor and disposition as amorous. I know that they are naturally gentle and kind because it is Godlike. This love that you will receive will be shared by mankind. Please pray for him instead of preying on him. Although the time you will waste is yours, I would rather that you devote your energy to other things because I am sure you will hurt yourself.
Pray for him,