February 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
With the new term for the gossips and rumor mongers, Marites, it doesn’t make this preoccupation any less evil. At the same time, the victims are not given the right to lash back with equal intensity. Is there anything that can be done about this nasty exchange of both sides? I want to find a new way to handle it. Help.
Fey of Camp 7, Baguio City

Dear Fey,
If there was a miracle to mend it, then it could have been remedied by religion or spiritual influence. This is listed in the 10 commandments and yet defied with impunity. How to solve this begins with the self. One less Marites or Mario in the world is a miracle in itself, influence others to keep the rumors to themselves and your “tribe” increases. Defy human nature.
Zip it,

Dear Manang,
Money is the trickiest part of existence. Any gossip about money spells ruin for the persons involved. I have been asking for financial statements from an officer of the club but have not received any. I wonder if it is still possible and if it can redeem the reputation of the officer.
Benny of Tuba, Benguet

Dear Benny,
A financial statement backed by a balanced bank statement always clears the name of the person being implicated. By all means help the person achieve this because to be ashamed or to dodge it is never a good thing. Encourage the officer to help himself.
Talk to him,