April 17, 2024

Dear Manang,

My daughter is in her early 30s and married but is still childless and it worries me that it is almost late for normal babies. I know that careers are still important for them but as it is, accomplishments are nothing when you have left a part of the cycle of life out. How do we tell them that money and success are not all in this life?

Joy of Balsigan, Baguio City

Dear Joy, 

I am a believer in the normal cycle of life where we have babies at the right time. With technology, anyone can have a kid even later in life in many ways. Let your daughter be and focus on other things. Unless you have only one child and no grandchild to speak of, I am one with you but if she’s one among several, be at peace with yourself.

The child will come,


Dear Manang,

Would you allow your husband to return abroad to claim his retirement for one more year of service to the foreign company? He is in his early 60s and already has memory lapses and my fear in these Covid-19 times is what if he gets sick and returns in an urn? The retirement fund is for building our house. I have my income too and my retirement is in five years. Help!

Gadina of Aurora Hill, Baguio City

Dear Gadina,

I too am a believer that life is short and sweet. I would like to be greedy and say that all his efforts abroad are in that fund and the difference in life after is different. The comfortable life it will give is yours but that one dreaded thing might be real too. It must be prayed over. You must ask God’s guidance to rise above the dilemma.

Pray and you might get an answer,