December 8, 2023

Dear Manang,
The gossip about me has been wrong for these past five years. I am sad because it has caused the break up of two people who I admire most. I admit to being a drunkard. I drink to excess and sometimes need to be brought home. However, I was never attracted to males even if some tried to court me. I didn’t openly declare my being gay. I dress liberally too, and this might also be the other reason for the tag as flirting. Little did they know that it was women who I was attracting. How do I mend the relationships that I have ruined?
Kris of Pacdal, Baguio City

Dear Kris,
Gossip is deadly and often irreparable. I would think that you need to bring your partner out and introduce her to your circles of friends. This is the only way to present reality to many people. Indeed, we have our own paradoxes that are not taken well by individuals like the way we dress. Attractive has different definitions to diverse people. Even lipstick can be misconstrued, what’s more with tight clothing and short skirts. Introduce the mystery partner and post her photos. Be proud of your choice. Reconciliations might happen.
Flaunt the partner,

Dear Manang,
I don’t understand some of the government requirements most of the time. Everyone is required to apply for the national ID, yet, this does not work for most establishments. It doesn’t replace the senior ID, and the restaurants do not appreciate the long numbers that need to be copied. The government wants everybody to register, yet, this so-called most important ID is not what it presents itself to be. This is unreasonable.
Gretta of Victoria Village, Baguio City

Dear Gretta,
Indeed, we are victims of our government. They seem to enjoy making us look like fools, depending on the administration’s whims. We are still waiting for these IDs that we applied for two years or more ago, which they pacified by issuing paper versions which you laminate, but still cannot use. But we are meant to comply and just wait and see what it brings to us. You are right when you say that it is not as useful as they say, we wait. Although, I have found it as useful because when you use the national ID in some online applications, this fills up automatically, it might still be useful in some future time.
Let’s sit back,