June 21, 2024

The target population for vaccination is expected to increase as registration for A4 or essential workers started last week.

To date, 6,756 in the A4 or essential workers’ category have enlisted through bakuna.baguio.gov.ph; with jabs to start once vaccines arrived.

Pre-registration is encouraged as this cuts processing time at the vaccination sites. The pre-registration at bakuna.baguio.gov.ph is also the basis of vaccine allocation from the Department of Health.

For the vaccination roll-out as of May 31 there were 47,609 vaccines used where 34,392 for the first dose and 13,217 for the second dose, both of the Sinovac and AstraZeneca brands.

For the A1 or health workers with a target population of 14,223; 13,306 have received the first dose, while 8,832 completed the first and second doses.

For the A2 or senior citizens group with a target population of 30,599; 13,605 or 44.48 percent were jabbed with the first dose; while 2,833 are done with both doses.

Seven thousand adults or those in the age range 18 to 59 with comorbidities (A3) were immunized with the first dose with a 55.11 percent accomplishment as against a target population of 12,703. A total of 1,542 were jabbed with the second dose.

Bedridden individuals were also counted for vaccination through mobile vaccination (Movacc) team going around the barangays. Pre-registration is also encouraged for this group as the Movacc has to arrange their schedule based on their location.   

So far, the team has vaccinated 53 out of the 197 in the masterlist.

According to team leader Khecy Colas, registration in the Movacc may still be done in barangay health centers.

There were 32,253 immunized with Sinovac and 15,356 with AstraZeneca, for first and second doses. – Julie G. Fianza