July 24, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am the third child among four children and I think my parents don’t love me. My eldest brother is my mother’s favorite. My sisters are my father’s favorites. I am the second son but my parents don’t like me. When my brother needs something, he gets it immediately from my mother. My sisters kiss my father’s cheek because he gives them extra money even if they don’t ask for it. I always get the answer, “I don’t have money,” when I ask my parents if I can buy things for school. When I have a performance in school, they have no time to watch but when it is my brother or sisters, they take a leave from work just to be in school and treat them to lunch or dinner. Why do they do this to me? I don’t think they love me!
Cardo of Irisan, Baguio City

Dear Cardo,
Goodness. Your parents are not attending to you? That is awful. They are indeed playing favorites. They should not show the children who they favor. But there must be a reason why they are doing that. I would like to think they think that you are the strongest among their children. Is your older brother sickly? Are your sisters frail too? Maybe that’s the most logical explanation. I think all of you get the same daily allowance. I suppose that you are the thrifty one. They love you but have a different way of showing it. This should make you stronger and more self-reliant. Often, kids like you succeed in life because you learned the hard way how it is not to be supported. It breaks your heart to be given that kind of disapproval but don’t take it too hard because it is also your best training. Don’t harm yourself. You will be the victor after all this.
Be stronger,

Dear Manang,
How can I save money? I don’t know how to save. It’s as if I just need to keep spending all the time. Often I even borrow money so my allowance the next day is already half gone. I want to save money because I want to buy a new washing machine. I know that I will need it soon because my work shift will change. Is there a sure way to save?
Andrea of Hilltop, Baguio City

Dear Andrea,
Saving is the greatest challenge to us. People who curb their wants versus their needs are the successful ones. To want something does not necessarily mean that it is important. When you need something that is urgent just like a washing machine, it will help you with laundry. So, every time you are about to spend, ask yourself if you need it. Then put the money back in your wallet. Another way is to put an amount away every payday. If you put P500 away each payday, that’s a thousand every month. A washing machine can be five months of savings, depending on your need. Even if you don’t buy the washing machine, there might be something more important to use the money on. Just think that you won’t eat out for two days each payday, that doesn’t mean you will die of starvation. It is discipline.
Start now,

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