July 22, 2024

The daily statistics released by the Department of Health concerning the number of people affected by Covid-19 is far from encouraging.
The trajectory is on an upward trend. This is the reason why many mayors are volunteering to have their respective cities or municipalities to be on a strict lockdown lest the outbreak spirals out of control.
I think the worsening condition may be explained in two ways.
First is the failure of many to abide by the basic protocols. There are aplenty who continue to defy logic by refusing to wear their face- mask and shield.
Second is complacency and over-confidence. With the roll-out of the vaccination program sponsored by the government and the long lines of people trooping to sites to have themselves jabbed, we tend to believe that the end of the pandemic is in plain sight. This, therefore, disabuses our confidence and creates myths about the vaccine. Let me enumerate my observations and explain why it is not true.
Myth one: A person vaccinated may no longer be affected by the virus that causes the Covid-19.
The vaccinations being administered are not intended as an absolute immunity. It is more of a protection to avoid a person who is infected from developing severe symptoms, which may lead to death. Thus, a person who is vaccinated is still prone to acquire the Covid-19 although it is less fatal. Still, medical and scientific findings have declared the vaccine will strengthen the body’s immune system causing it to be less reactive to the infection.
Myth two: An individual who had been fully vaccinated needs no personal protective equipment.
As explained above, since a person who was vaccinated remains prone to be infected, PPEs like face masks and shields are the best barriers against the ailment. These PPEs not only protect the wearer but all others who are around him, as well. Studies have proven that it is in wearing PPEs that the spread of the virus can be contained.
Myth three: The Covid-19 affects only the weak, the old, and those who have comorbidities.
Every living body, strong or weak, big or small, young or old, male or female, is susceptible to be infected. Remember, the virus thrives on humans. Humans are its host. No one is exempt and no one should claim that because they exercise regularly and eat healthy food, they will not be infected. The virus knows no boundaries and is not selective. The reason why medical care is more centered on the old and those who have co-morbidities is because they are likely to die in the event they are contaminated. But it does not mean that they are the only prospective victims. All are.
Myth four: Why the worry when the virus is curable.
Yes, Covid-19 is curable. However, only for some. For those whose resistance are weak and compromised, they die. There is a substantial number among us who are weak and laden. Since it is as much our responsibility to look after our welfare as it is theirs, we have to take care of ourselves so that we shall not infect them. It is a moral obligation. Thus, even if those who are asymptomatic remarkably cured themselves, they ought to remain vigilant so as not to compromise the safety of others.
Myth five: It is the government’s responsibility to curb the virus.
The guidelines and the protocols on how to combat the coronavirus had been clearly laid by the government. It is up to us to follow and comply. The fight against this pandemic is both governmental and individual. Governmental in the sense that the enforcement lies in the hands of the government and individual in the sense that it is each and everyone’s responsibility to comply.
There are only so much facilities to accommodate and cure those who are afflicted. In the event these are overwhelmed, the health care system will collapse. Thus, prevention is the best cure.
The coronavirus is a living specimen. It instinctively mutates and adapts for its survival. As it mutates and adapts, it becomes more potent and resistant. If we pursue the myths about it, the light at the end of the tunnel is far from sight. It is up to us to prevent the virus from marching into victory. Debunk the myths and we shall become triumphant.