May 24, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am anxious again about the general community quarantine to be implemented in the Cordillera. I wish we could stop this panic over this invisible terrorist that has gripped the world uselessly. I am just walking around without my face shield because I see no need for that. If only I don’t want to let go of my P1,000, I would also prove to everyone that wearing a mask is unnecessary. I am already a senior citizen and I want to tell everyone that we’re just being fooled.
Daria of Upper Rock Quarry, Baguio City

Dear Daria,
Everyone can have their own opinion. I respect yours and hope that you also respect the others who want to have the peace of mind that wearing a mask spares the others from spreading the virus and also protecting one’s self from others who are infected. I guess the millions who have died from it in other countries and here in the city are not enough to convince you that this unseen menace is here and now. Believe it, dear. I will pray that you will not be the next statistic in this new variant.
Just wear the mask please,

Dear Manang,
I have a sixth sense. Recently, I have been seeing through my peripheral vision some entities that I can’t explain. There are some that scare me and some that I am still trying to figure out. Do you believe that these entities exist and are present around us? Some say that I must be losing my mind, some say I should talk to them, some say I lack prayers. Can you comfort me on this?
Kim of Mirador Hill, Baguio City

Dear Kim,
I am aware that many swear by it and know there are such entities. That is a gift, according to some, because not everyone is sensitive to those presences. I would like to believe in prayer. I know that prayers answer many needs in this mortal and spiritual life. I don’t think there’s anything to be scared about because how can something that has no body harm you physically? The fear comes from the imagination. I know that there is purpose and wisdom in many things on Earth.