December 1, 2023

The ongoing demolition of structures such as buildings and fences that are deemed illegal for lack of permits appears to be selective and anti-poor in the eyes of many.
In order for the campaign to be not perceived as such, it should first be applied to all city government properties. The city government should first see to it that all government properties – big and small– including military instillations are covered by necessary permits.
At the same time, the city should not be fast on the draw to the marginalized and be lenient to some, more so to the rich and powerful.
There should be no exemptions and without fear and favor.
And while at it, the personnel who are tasked to carry out demolition orders must come with clean hands by making sure that their own properties and businesses have the required permits. They should not also entertain or act on the mere tip or complaint of someone who may just want to grab someone’s property.
“The law applies to all, otherwise none at all.”
I voted for former Manila mayor Fred Lim when he ran for president some time ago on that platform. He lost, but I wish his platform will somehow make sense to our leaders. And let’s take a cue from Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, who started his cleanup drive in his own yard before spreading out. — NAME WITHHELD