April 17, 2024

Dear Manang,
This is not to ask but rather to share.
Reunions are good events to resolve wounds and heartaches. I recently got in touch again with one of the girls in my class who kept the notion that I was a bully. She said she was so scared of me in high school because I always glared at her. I explained to her that I had visual problems then and needed to open my eyes wide to focus on far things. This became a mannerism until I got my operation abroad to correct it. When I explained it, all my former classmates had a good laugh and this issue became a joke and now we laugh. This is common to most of us. We keep the bad memories not knowing that they were not right and all the opportunities of being good friends are lost. Bonding is so important so we can learn good things about each other rather than bad.
Connie of Camp Allen, Baguio City

Dear Connie,
Yes, we have baggages of bad feelings about many people. I too have relearned some of my ill ideas of people. A closer look and time reveals how we were wrong and allowed others to influence us. This is social media that we have now. We take what we read and see as true. We lose many beautiful moments we could have shared when we prejudge. We are just happy to get another chance to rediscover old friends.
Reset the old clocks,

Dear Manang,
How do you deal with an ex-boyfriend who is trying to court you again? I am not attached as of the moment but the hurt I received in the last relationship was too much. This ex was lost because he went abroad. Long distance relationships didn’t work, that’s the reason for the drift. My mind says, it’s not harmful anymore to have the space between because there is Facebook live. But I still ache because the one who I broke up with left for work in Mindanao. I feel like I am the girl they leave behind.
Toyang of Kayang St., Baguio City

Dear Toyang,
As you said, technology has filled the geographic divide. But feeling that you are always left behind is something else. My reading says that you want to feel the warmth of the relationship rather than the face and voice in your phone. Someone to hold your hand and kiss you when the world is cold and uncertain. You answered your own problem. Find someone nearest you. Who knows, ex is coming home too for good.
One step at a time,

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