July 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
It’s funny that quite a number of our public servants are pessimists more than optimists. To resign to the phrase that nothing can be done to change something is in itself saying that they do not want to do anything. What’s more, government must review many of their processes that make compliance difficult instead of asking for money to speed up their work. It would be so gratifying to get good service more than bad experiences with government workers. The rewards in heaven and on Earth are greater than the grease money quickly made. Is there hope in government?
Aida of Ferguson Road, Baguio City

Dear Aida,
The good news is that there are still a few good men and women in government. Even if few and outnumbered, there is a handful of them. If we become resigned to their ineptitude, we are doomed to deal with them forever. These people should be commended. Maybe if more posts in appreciation are done by us, the public, the bad ones might be revealed. Indeed, those who are rewarded in heaven have all to gain. Actually, if more good is done, men tend to be generous. More tips could be made with glad hearts free from guilt.
Praise the goodness and efficiency,

Dear Manang,
I want to faint with all the pretentious leaders, agin say the Ilocanos. They are proud of themselves for landing the top position in the organization. But more often than not, they do not have followers. They are empty minded and use words that mean nothing. Hey! What’s new? This is common in the world, why am I complaining? But they’re sitting in key positions and we are wasting time and resources with them.
Anton of Crystal Cave, Baguio City

Dear Anton,
We need to work with them because fighting them takes much efforts and cause a lot of stress. These people are desperately seeking for direction, and if you have some charisma, you can make them see the better choices. When they accomplish what you asked, then be generous with praise as if they did it on their own. We can say that this is making them foolhardy but they did the world some good because of your suggestions. This is opportunity that presents itself.
Push them in the right direction,