December 1, 2023

This near-sighted Ibaloy writer must admit there were times during my more than 30 years (and counting) at a government job that I was tempted to apply for early retirement and just tend to my tiny garden and free-range chickens, spend more time with my mag-ina and read more poetry.
As they say, it’s time spent with your family and not at the office that you will cherish and remember in the end.
Anyway, I have several personal reasons for wanting to call it quits (which I won’t disclose just yet, hihi) but one is that after more than three decades as a public servant, it truly must only be normal to feel bored with the routine at times. I am but human after all who craves for “variety” once in a while. I’m very sure that many of my fellow eight-to-fivers feel this way, but just don’t want (or are afraid) to admit it. The walls have ears, they warn me.
Then, suddenly, Covid-19 struck and many lost their jobs (especially in the private sector), businesses and other sources of livelihood causing so much misery and suffering worldwide especially in poorer countries like ours where the only people who seem to be immune to suffering are members of greedy political dynasties who have ruled over us since time immemorial. Love the Philippines!
The deadly and infectious virus became a wake-up call and reminded me (and many others) of how important it is to have a stable job no matter how lowly it may be or how boring and routine it has become. The important thing is that you have a steady income to feed yourself and your family and pay your bills. Of course, Covid also reminded us to take care of our health and that life is but temporary and we should strive to live one day at a time because tomorrow may never come. Every “gising” is a blessing, in other words.
Again, I am only human and do get bored in the office at times. Most of the time, however, I do feel blessed, grateful, and privileged that my work in the public sector allows me to serve the public, in one way or another, and also gives me the means to take care of my family. There is dignity in labor, after all.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.