December 8, 2023

Christmas is a time for joy and merrymaking. We think of ways and means to make other people happy, especially the children. We feel a sense of compassion for all. We try to forgive in our hearts those who have wronged us or ask for forgiveness from those we have unjustly treated. In the cycle of life, nothing is permanent. Happiness or anger, these feelings are all temporary and so we strive to give more positive vibes, thus emitting more positive vibrations.
According to research, a coherent and loving heart and mind can produce the most effective and widest electromagnetic waves that can engulf those around them. A person with a positive mindset, one who is truly appreciative and compassionate can affect people and make them happy. While a vindictive heart can also affect the total being of a person and even his health. This can manifest in the form of sickness. You feel this too. And so sometimes you are reluctant to approach people who emit negative energy. They are like energy vampires. They suck your energy, lowering your chi.
In the language of electromagnetic healing, negative emotions accumulate a lot of negative energy, so if you are always angry and negative, chances are this emotion affects your heart and your stomach and so you need to remove this negative energy and let the positive energy flow in.
A person in love exhibits the kindest and warmest electro magnetic wave. It makes him glow and radiate. Para siyang glow in the dark. While those in pain or those with a lot of anger in their hearts also affect the people around them.
This is probably the secret of Christmas. Everyone is attuned to be compassionate, to appreciate, to give, to share and the Christmas spirit spreads and the magic is turned on. The air is filled with love, magic and understanding. We tend to bury, or we try to bury the negative emotions that haunt us.
And although it is hard to do, the key is to understand those who are hurting. You may never know the reason for their spontaneous behavior. Just like an animal caught in a trap, it tends to snarl, kick and show their teeth. The pain and desolation is the one influencing this kind of behavior.
And so this Christmas, let us join hands, forgive and be merry. Be compassionate. Love, love, love! Give, give, give! As they say, life is too short to wallow in negativity. Merry Christmas!
In the spirit of the Christmas season and as part of “An Enchanting Baguio Christmas” the Baguio Association of Restaurants will have a feeding program for indigents at the Rose Garden. It started with 100 indigent children by McDo on Dec. 14. On Dec. 15 to 23 (about 200 children will be fed) at 3 p.m. at the Rose Garden sponsored by Swiss Baker on Dec. 15 and 17, San Miguel Foods – Dec. 16, Rosebowl – Dec. 18. Mama’s Table – Dec. 19, Kalapaw – Dec. 20, Iggy’s Inn – Dec. 21, Solibao – Dec. 22, and Pete and Emma Siapno and Janet Lu and family Dec. 23.
The BGH Advisory Board together with some kind-hearted sponsors will have a “Share- a-smile” gift giving activity for the indigent patients of the BGHMC, Dec. 28. For those who want to share, please call Ram Sharma, president of the Advisory Council at 0942-598-9197. Thank you!