September 30, 2023

Dear Manang,
Aren’t policemen supposed to protect the citizens of the country? Recently, we went to the police substation in our area, and the police officer who was there did not seem to want to help us. I was reporting the threats that my family got from a neighbor because of an argument over parking. I wanted to put it in the blotter but my statement was not properly taken. My husband was hit in the head with a plank of wood by the neighbor the next day and my husband was confined in the hospital for a week. If the police officer just put it in the blotter, then we could bring the matter to the barangay, and the incident avoided. I don’t know if the police are taking their jobs seriously. But it is too late now to avoid the incident. What can I do?
Flor of Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Dear Flor,
Indeed, the police should be there to protect the public. Sometimes, the city police director or the regional director of the Philippine National Police is not aware of those police misdemeanors. You can write to the city police director and describe the incident and name the police officer involved. When you allow them to behave like that, you are showing them that you are afraid of them. This also has some disadvantages because he can always threaten you too. Request the police director to keep your name anonymous and explain your predicament. They must be reported.
Be firm,

Dear Manang,
With the economic conditions of today, my daughter wants to take a second course. She is a graduate of Education but she wants to enroll in Nursing because she wants to go abroad. Should I allow her? I can still afford it but we need to take measures to curb some expenses. How can I ensure her interest in studying again?
Romy of Tam-awan, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City

Dear Romy,
Our children seem to find their interests late. This happens at a cost. However, if your daughter really wants to be a nurse, this is her future and we cannot do anything but support them. Remind her that she needs to make sure that this is her dream because you are old and this will need sacrifices from all of you. Some children are considerate. Indulge her but if you see that she will falter in the first semester, then tell her that you are not continuing the support because she is not serious.
Go with the flow for now,