July 15, 2024

Rain brings happy and sad memories. It all depends on your mood and the event.
Just listen to the songs of Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain”, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and the Beatles’ “Rain”. The gentle sound of rain is a lullaby. Its pitter patter lulls us to sleep and to relax. It can bring different moods and emotions.
We want the gentle rain, but we do not like typhoons and storms. We like to listen to its rhythm, but we don’t like it seeping through our roofs. We delight in its drizzles, but we don’t like it when we get sick. When we were young, it was always a heavenly experience to play under the rain, much to the chagrin of our parents. During calamities, it’s a good source of water. I remember that during the 1990 earthquake it was a source of water for our baby. We carefully caught the rain in plastic bottles sans boiling.
We can’t really wish the rain to go away like a child’s wish, “Rain, rain, go away; come again some other day; we want to go out and play.” It is a blessing to have rains. It nourishes the Earth’s thirst and somewhat heals the soul. “When we nourish our soul, we love ourselves unconditionally and wholeheartedly and we regain lost energy which somehow dissipates with the turmoil of the world, hence we need to regain that which we lost.”
At the Baguio Museum, there is a group of artists who will perpetuate the feeling of optimism with an exhibit called “Ignite – a Smoldering Wick – Part 2.”
This two-week exhibit opened last April 8. This group of artists expressed their feelings as, “After a bright start in our art journey, we now face different struggles along the way.”
At times, the road ahead gets dark. We start to doubt what is waiting for us at the end of the road. We think of the ending of this journey, as a smoldering wick. We hope to ignite each other’s light with this exhibit.
To create a bright fire, so we can see once again the wonderful path and things waiting for us along the way.” They wish to share the light of the exhibit to countless others, so they can emulate the start of a new dawn.
The artists group are composed of Eddie de Guzman, Django Bakunawa, Monette Asperer, Lopez and Hugia Levy Aquino, Hermie Bruno, Mich Camolo, Rey Dayadante Jr., Ben Ebanio Jr, Kesayah Dacaimat, Norman John Francisco, Freya Jadormio, Joyce Anne Mallare, Sheela Ming, Heidi Rodriguez, Lily Villanueva, and in memoriam Jose Abawang.
For more information, call assistant curator Gemma Estolas at 248-1147 or 444-7541.
As we slowly open up to the new normal, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, let’s all welcome the blessings of the rain.