December 6, 2023

The city government is planning to conduct a two-week reading camp aimed at enhancing the reading skills of learners in Baguio, especially those with reading difficulties.

The city, in partnership with the Department of Education and Synergeia Foundation, held a volunteer training workshop on May 2 at the Mirador Jesuit Villa and Retreat House.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said earlier this year, the city also conducted an education summit with various stakeholders to identify the challenges it has on education and come up with ideas on addressing these issues.

In March, the mayor reported during the local stakeholders’ convention, a plan was firmed up that the way forward is to focus on enhancing the reading skills of Baguio’s learners through a city-wide two-week reading camp in July for learners with reading difficulties.

The half-day workshop included a practicum on how to carry out the reading camp and training of volunteers on how to teach reading skills.

The first pool of volunteers will act as mentors to other volunteers. – Gaby B. Keith