June 17, 2024

Dear Manang,
I won my protection case against my husband and was getting support for my two children who are still going to school. However, lately, there has been a decrease in the amount deposited in the ATM used for the deposits from his salary. School has started and I don’t know what to do because I paid tuition for my children. What can I do?
Glyza of San Vicente, Baguio City

Dear Glyza,
Report it to the concerned court. They can help mandate the human resources (HR) office to give you the amount that was stipulated in the court decision. Sometimes, the husband tends to manipulate the HR into changing the amount deposited in the ATM. It could also be that he declared the ATM lost and is now doing the deposits himself. Check and report it to the court.
Inform the court,

Dear Manang,
I have a son who is gay and it is getting to be saddening to see him so frail against the bullying of persons in the neighborhood. I don’t like seeing him being treated that way. When I tell him to show a stronger reaction against people like that, he just says that they are the ones who need help and we must be more patient with them. I worry that it might become physical and we will not know until my son comes home beaten up.
Ching of Fairview, Baguio City

Dear Ching,
It is a wonder why that has happened. Most believers say there are no such things as the third sex because God only created two. But understanding the situation for what it is, these children are still God’s kids. Your son could show more compassion for those people or find an opportunity to bond with them so he can make them feel his kindness and camaraderie. He could join the youth activities in the barangay. Tell him to find his closest friend who is a member and for him to get invited to join the cleaning or beautification projects.
Join in,