April 15, 2024

Dear Manang,
Our family is not religious but we abide by the old rules of Holy Week to respect the memory of the death of Jesus Christ to save the world on Good Friday and join Easter Sunday to celebrate His rising from the dead. My boyfriend has no specific religion and for the last two years has made fun of my family’s devotion to abstinence and prayer. He wants to travel on this week and this year he wants to go to Macau. I have always given a special novena to Jesus on this week since I was grade 5 for saving my baby sister who fell down the window. I love him but I don’t think he respects me and my family when he cannot see this important event for me. My sister is 24 and will soon be a doctor. What should I do?
Luisa of Pinsao Proper, Baguio City

Dear Luisa,
I’m not very religious either but I also have my quirks in some practices of Catholics. Religion is a personal faith but it is something we heatedly debate about among friends or foe. A man who cannot respect your practice is one who cannot make you happy because he cannot accept the reason for your desire to maintain the sanctity of the prayerful devotion. This should be your last chance to check on his love by asking him if you could postpone the trip or not schedule anything on Good Friday. If he goes anyway, you have your answer.
Still ask for guidance from the Lord,

Dear Manang,
I am a serious business person and give my 100 percent to everything I do. I have recruited assistants in my small eatery and always thought that being fair in wages and benefits could keep my group together. It has become difficult for me to make my staff keep regular work days. After payday, they tend to disappear for stretches they decide and return when the money has run out. What about me? I am trying to keep my little operation running. What is there for me to do to remedy this?
Queenie of Sunnyvale Subdivision,
Tarlac City

Dear Queenie,
You are not the first and you will not be the last. That is today’s mindset among the generations. There is no consideration for the effect of an action on the whole operation. The remedy goes back to elementary education where we are taught values and virtues to make the world better. The compassion has disappeared because we only think of ourselves and have lost touch with the other. We used to put candy wrappers in our pockets because we didn’t want to litter since it is messy for everyone. We used to help the elders with what they carried because we are stronger. Those things we were taught extends to caring that if we miss a day of work, the operations will be affected, money will be lost. I say that you must fortify yourself by expecting the worst everyday but also reminding your staff that they are so important and they have great contributions to the team.
Be lavish with praise,