December 2, 2022

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Five farmer cooperatives and associations (FCAs) were awarded agricultural livelihood assistance from the Special Area for Agriculture Development (SAAD) program of the Department of Agriculture in efforts  to increase the income of farmers, secure food in their community, and encourage  them to establish community-based enterprise.
Three FCAs in Pinukpuk received 2,520 heads Muscovy ducks while 210 members of the Ba-ay Farmers SAAD Organization, YLimos SAAD Organization and Bonnnong Timpuyog Organization each received 10 hens and two roosters for their backyard poultry raising project.
DA-SAAD  earlier  turned over to four FCAs in Tinglayan the interventions with Barangay Ambato Liglig Indigenous Group receiving 11 heads carabaos, two units power till, 10 units knapsack sprayer, one unit grinder, 70 rolls HDPE pipe, 70 bags complete fertilizer and 1,750 kg peanut seeds in partial support to their carabao and peanut production project. 
Mallango UFI Farmers’ Organization (MUFO) also received  813 heads duck, two units power tiller, 70 bags complete fertilizer, 50 units knapsack sprayer, one unit grinder, 140 bags of both layer and grower feeds, and 1,750 kgs peanut seeds also in partial support to their  fruit trees and duck production project.
Ba-ay, Limos and Bonnong are conflict affected areas, and are Elcac-covered barangays through the Community Support Program of the national government.
Baligi-IA and MUFO are SAAD expansion-areas for 2021 while Magic 78 Lower Bangad Farmers Organization and Churawon Tribal Farmers Association started in 2020 as SAAD beneficiaries.
SAAD-Kalinga also launched the Farmer Livestock School in Balbalan for 90 swine raisers, a four-session training in support to DA’s repopulation program.
The farmer-participants also received P3 million worth of hog supplies comprised of feeds, boosters, vitamins, biologics, and personal protective equipment. – Peter A. Balocnit