June 7, 2023

Below is the introduction message before the ordination rite of Deacon Brayle M. Bagyan:
Ay ugayam, ay ugayamen! Men yaman tako sinan Apo Dios tako tay nay inamong na datako ay mengasing sinan bungan di sus-ulo ya pammati. Ay ugayam, ay ugayamen.
During the celebration of the 500 years of Christianity in the country, the 107 years of Kilong Catholic Mission in Sagada Mountain Province since its foundation in 1914, and during the 25 years of independence from Bontoc Catholic Mission, the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) of Sagada is celebrating the beautiful fruit of her prayers, untiring evangelization, and persevering faith.
The priestly ordination of Bagyan by Bishop Valentin Dimoc is the first Catholic ordination in Sagada and the former will be the first homegrown Sagada Catholic priest. It’s historic and it is indeed a blessing that we are all active participants.
Of course, we have five other priests who trace their roots to Sagada. However, they were ordained and are currently serving in the Vicariate of Tabuk and the Diocese of Baguio.
We are happy that we have Frs. FroilanPangda, Matthew Dontogan, Ricky Beleno, and Marlon Urmuza.
We rejoice with the whole church, with the Mones and Bagyan families, the BECs of Kilong Catholic Mission and with the mission parishes of the vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe with their parish priest.
It is indeed a blessing to have the Episcopalian priests and pastors from other churches celebrating with us. It is inspirational to see government officials being immersed with the church celebration especially in this momentous event.
The presence and participation of the youth in the ordination is indicative of a beautiful Sagada. They will not only sing and dance for us but witness the beauty of this event which will surely incite vocations and surely become an interesting element of vocation campaign.
For sure, there will be vocations that will spring from this beautiful celebration and we need to nourish it. We must walk with them so that the seeds of vocation will grow. Pope Francis exhorts us to not simply teach them by mouth but by witnessing and walking with them. We walk the talk but we need to walk with the young.
We rejoice with much gratitude. We welcome one another, and welcome ourselves with thankfulness and joy.
Here is a Novena Prayer on the priestly ordination of Deacon Bagyan that ran from Nov. 24 to Dec.12:
Almighty Father, we the Basic Ecclesial Communities of Sagada unceasingly pray for our fast approaching beautiful celebration of faith, vocation, and family.
We pray O Lord for a good weather so that everyone will be safe and happy.
Let the preparation and celebration be Covid free for everyone’s wellbeing and safety.
Let unity and harmonious collaboration prosper so that joy be the atmosphere in the workplace.
Lord, please make our preparation and celebration be providential and unitive.
Let it be a real haven of peace and love.
With the precious blood of Jesus, we trust that our families will be protected from the pandemic.
With the Holy Spirit, we trust that conflicts and misunderstandings along the way will turn to learning, to forgiveness and unity.
We pray for Deacon Brayle. Lord bless him with energy, good health, and tranquility. Morally and spiritually boost him that he may constantly see his vocation as a gift to the people and his response will be always a loving faithfulness to your call.
We ask you this in Jesus Christ your son, our Lord and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen!
St. Joseph. Pray for us!

Priestly ordination theme song
Matthew 9:13
Lyrics: Fr. Brayle Bagyan
Music: Fr. Marcs Castañeda

“For I did not come to call the righteous,
Am F
but sinners to repentance.”
“For I did not come to call the righteous,
Am F
but sinners.”

C G Am F
I am a human being. I am a sinner.
C G Am
I am nothing in the eyes of God.
But I know he loves me so.
And I heard him saying, (Chorus)

Am G
Amidst God’s grace and mercy,
Am G
Full of love, he called and chose me.
He anointed me
to dispense his mercy, peace and love. (Chorus)