December 5, 2023

Dear Manang,
I am trying to convince my relative to stop bearing children because she has had two children with special needs. This was allegedly caused by some of the drugs that she takes for maintenance. She should have been warned that this would happen to the children that she would bear. The children are pitiful because they will need to be cared for while they live.
Cres of St. Joseph, Baguio City

Dear Cres,
We should indeed be mindful of such predicaments, not for ourselves but for the quality of life of the children we will have. Although God may have His own plans for them, we should also be in charge of this situation. Yes, no more children should be the spouses’ lookout. I believe the couple should seek assistance because it may be simpler to prevent pregnancies rather than allow the children to suffer the consequences. But God is still good.
Pray on it,

Dear Manang,
Hypertension seems to be the diagnosis for most people. I have it too but on most occasions, I feel fine. I have been told that I cannot stop using the medicine because the results are risky. They say a stroke or heart attack may happen if I stop. I cannot afford this.
Cora of San Luis, Baguio City

Dear Cora,
You’re knocking on the wrong door. I am not a doctor who can give you the proper advice. The only reminder that I can give you is to continue using it because it regulates our heartbeat and keeps the pressure low. I would rather keep on it than get disfigured after a stroke. Remember that there are cheaper versions of those medicines called generics. Choose one.
Keep taking it,