July 19, 2024

The last month of the year where all Filipinos are excited and have been waiting for has arrived. As a Christian country, we are devoted in celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. All is excited this month, especially employees who received their 13th month pay. For many, they call it Christmas bonus. It’s the time for Christmas parties, clan or school batch reunions, company outings, family outings, and team buildings. It time to buy gifts for “inaanaks.”
But the question is how should we really spend our bonuses? Should it be used in outings and other events that promote bonding? Many of us will go to the different beach resorts, Baguio City, Tagaytay, Enchanted Kingdom, Manila Ocean Park, and other beautiful, attractive, and popular destinations in the country. Some might go out of the country or spend their Christmas with their families abroad. Restaurants will also be full.
Others might use their bonus to buy gifts. Malls, supermarkets, and other shopping centers will be full until Dec. 25. They will be busy buying gifts for their families, friends, classmates, inaanaks, among others. People will be busy looking for clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, and other accessories that can be given as gifts.
Yes, Christmas for us is the time to give love, and giving material things is one way are the way by which we can show love to others. Christmas happens only once a year so we like to make it memorable by giving the best of what we have.
It is not bad if we spend some or a portion of our bonus in family bondings and outings because we deserve to have a break after a long 12 months of hard work, even sleepless nights for some. It is not also bad to spend for gifts because Filipinos are really generous in giving gifts. But we also have to think of the future. Ask yourself: “Is there a memorable investment or valuable thing that I have saved from this bonus?” “Did I save a portion of it?”
“After 12 tiring months, will I enjoy a return of investment?” Or did I spend everything for gifts and vacation? After the Christmas season do you still have money for allowance, for home needs, and other expenses? Sometimes, many of us resort to the bahala na attitude.
They say everything should be done in moderation. At the end of the season, we should have at least bought an appliance for our homes, invest in a small business, or started buying insurance policies. I hope we spend our bonuses wisely.