February 22, 2024

The school that helps prepare visually-impaired kids for their integration to mainstream educational institutions is looking for individuals or groups that could sponsor the children.
Northern Luzon School for Visually-Impaired (NLSVI) president Dona Digna Rosario said they are looking for sponsors for the children to keep the school’s dormitory running.
Rosario said the institution is having a hard time in its operations now because of limited funds. The residential school used to be supported by a German funding agency, but the support stopped several years ago.
“Everything used to be free for the kids – from head to toe – from their shampoo to their footwear, but we can no longer sustain that because we no longer have foreign aid,” she said.
In order for the dormitory to continue operating, Rosario said she has asked parents to provide counterparts, in which the latter agreed to.
“I do not want to close the dormitory but it is difficult to maintain it now because of limited funds that’s why I asked parents if they are willing to shoulder the (expenses) even just for the house parent and they agreed,” she said.
Parents are shelling out P500 per month. There are six stay-in kids at the NLSVI.
The residential school spends at least P5,000 per child per month, including salaries and wages (of personnel), maintenance expenses, and food.
Rosario said much as she wants to accommodate more, the institution could hardly do so because of limited finances.
“If there would be sponsors, we could accommodate more,” she said.
The residential school, located along Bokawkan Road, used to cater to 60 kids and used to have 15 personnel.
Now, it only has four personnel – one staff member and three teachers attending to learners from kindergarten to grade 4.
NLSVI is a preparatory school for visually impaired children to be integrated into mainstream schools.
Rosario said if a child is not yet ready for inclusion, NLSVI could accommodate them until grade 6. – Jane B. Cadalig