June 24, 2024

Funny how people are, the learned and so-called “educated,” especially. By now, we have reached the human limitation on patience and tolerance in so far as waiting for the vaccine against the Covid-19 pandemic.
When Russia announced on Aug. 11 that it finally had one, all the doubting Thomases, skeptics, pessimists, and experts raised their eyebrows, questioning testing methodology, quickness, raising issues big or small, casting doubt, or even aspersion on them. For us common people though, all we can say is, “Thank God” for the Russians and President Vladimir Putin. We really don’t mind much the politics of pharmaceuticals or those between China, U.S.A., or Russia as to who is mightier than the other or who is big brother to the universe. We want the fastest solution available and if Putin can inject the vaccine to his own daughter and if President Rodrigo Duterte says he is willing to be the first to receive it, then let’s go for it, of course after the Food and Drug Administration says it’s a go.
By the way, the country’s FDA approved the other day the Chinese herbal “Lian Hua Qing Wen” as per confirmation of its Director-General, Dr. Eric Domingo, son of a friend and Congress colleague, now Pagcor Chair Andrea Domingo. Remember, during the first weeks of March, then AFP Chief of Staff General Felimon Santos, Jr. has requested Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian’s help in procuring five boxes of Carrimycin tablets then available only in China. He said he took two tablets a day for six days, which helped in his recovery and wanted to give it to friends who were Covid-19 positive but are asymptomatic. This was the same.
So, again we say another welcome development and I have a few boxes left if you want it while my supply lasts.
And while we are it, we abhor people who discriminate against those found positive for the Covid-19.
A barangay official in Baguio barricaded the frontage of my former staff’s house announcing to all and sundry to beware as she caught the virus that causes the Covid-19 infection. Worse, nag-post pa sa social media. She ran against him in the last barangay polls official but it was a heartless, ungentleman move.There are many more stories of discrimination in our midst. When she regains her strength, she will file the appropriate charges we already prepared for her. We really could not understand people who at this time have ill feelings against those who get the virus.
By the way, Parkway Medical and Diagnostic Center in Bakakeng Norte is quietly serving our people in doing swabbing tests for the Covid-19, especially that it is now mandatory for banks, supermarkets, security agencies, etc. to have their employees tested. Since it started, it had numerous requests for swabbing and results being reported within 24 hours compared to the government’s two to five days. Now it upgraded to Iponatics machines, which can test one specimen with a turnaround time of 30 minutes. The results can now be out in an hour or two. It will also commence its dialysis center by October.
Anyway, focus on the good news. The Sputnik V vaccine, named after a 1957 Soviet Union satellite, was developed by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute and funded by the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Trial tests were performed on more than 2,000 patients from Russia and several Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. Of course, no one can say if there is scientific data to say it is safe or effective but again we say that hope springs eternal and that is what is bringing now.
The better news is Russia has around one billion orders from 20 countries for the vaccine, delivery by November, hopefully kasama ang Pilipinas. Other superpowers are nearing completion of their tests – Moderna and Oxford England, Pfizer in the United States, China with an approved an experimental Covid-19 vaccine as early as June for members of its military and announcing mass production by October.
As it stands, Sputnik 5 will be approved by our FDA but not the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency.
The point though is not to be first with a vaccine, but that we now have one that is safe and effective for our people. Sigh.