May 23, 2024
  1. Politics and influence are not involved in the resolution of the charges filed for a child’s death, which remains at the Prosecutor’s Office for two months now.
  2. Filipinos are baffled why this Cabinet official remains silent regarding the massive corruption in the state insurance, an attached office under his watch.
  3. This local official would not admit he was ill-advised by his government allies when he issued an order that tramples on the rights of motorists and commuters.
  4. Up to now, no individual has been declared persona non grata by any LGU for alleged involvement in the illegal-drug trade as proposed by a police command.
  5. The surge of Covid-19 cases among employees and security guards of an establishment at the CBD has also been attributed to a post-birthday celebration.
  6. The proliferation of ‘fake news’ on social media and political divisiveness are not really undermining the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  7. The public especially the poor should not be solely blamed for the proliferation of improvised face masks and shields, as they are reserving their money for food.
  8. The destruction of fully-grown marijuana plants in this landlocked town dealt a telling blow on the campaign on illegal drugs resulting in the blocking of the road.
  9. Members of the progressive and militant groups are now careful in leading the public to protest wrongdoings in the government due to the recently approved law.
  10. Quarantine checkpoints must be strict as there are minors and elders who are supposed to be inside their homes, but are freely roaming using private cars.
  11. No amount of threats will stop an Igorot lawyer from exposing the alleged web of corruption in the disbursement of huge public funds to bogus beneficiaries.
  12. Police offices sharing valuable information regarding sharing of ‘fake news’ on social media should also be reminded about the unverified information they post.