May 24, 2024

The city council has approved Resolution 202, s. 2024 requesting the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center to assure the public an ample supply of anti-venom for cobra bites.
As per the resolution, there is a need to assure the public with ample anti-venom supply when needed as there are reported high sightings of Philippine cobras near residential areas within the city, which is alarming because although such kind of snakes are not innately aggressive, they still pose a danger to life when accidentally hurt or provoked.
The Philippine cobra is considered to possess one of the most toxic venoms among the naja or cobra species.
The city council through Resolution 203, s. 2024 requested the Baguio City Police Office and the Land Transportation Office-Cordillera to intensify implementation of Republic Act 10586, or the “Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving of 2013,” which penalizes any person found driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs, and similar substances.
The request is a proactive response to prevent accidents due to driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, like the unfortunate event that happened on March 19 to a lady walking along Kennon Road at Poliwes barangay who died after being run over by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver.
Through Resolution 205, s. 2024, the Traffic and Transportation Management Division of the City Engineering Office was requested to update the city council on the implementation of Ordinance 18, s. 2019 or “The Speed Limit Ordinance.”
In Section 19 of the ordinance, the TTMD is mandated to review of the speed limits every three years to ensure that these are appropriate to the actual road conditions.
In Resolution 204, s. 2024, the Department of Public Works and Highways-Baguio City District Engineering Office was requested to include the provision of sidewalks in its road widening projects within the city.
This supports the growing presence of foot traffic or pedestrians even along major national roads in the city which necessitates sidewalks for public safety and prevention of accidents.
Upon recommendation of the committee on market, trade, commerce and agriculture, the city council has approved the fund-raising and livelihood activities of barangays Rizal Monument, Mines View, and Dominican-Mirador from April 1 to 15 without any extension.
First is a mini tiangge of Barangay Rizal Monument for the maintenance medicine of senior citizens and persons with disability with comorbidity, and uniforms with 12 stalls at a portion of St. Martins Bulalohan down to a burger stall at Benjamin Salvosa Drive sidewalk.
The Mines View fundraiser is for indigent vendors. Ten stalls were permitted to sell their products in between the fence of Mines View Park and Layby as a means of poverty reduction in the community;
Dominican-Mirador asked that a group of vendors be issued special permits to sell inside the Diplomat Heritage Hotel and within the vicinity of the barangay.
Each stall shall be measured 1.5 meters by 2.0 meters only; the concerned barangays are responsible for keeping the sidewalks clean and orderly, and comply with all the requirements for securing special permits; submit a list of beneficiaries to the city council for information and perusal.
The vendors are required to secure clearances from concerned city offices and the barangay, maintain cleanliness in the area at all times; comply with all the requirements needed to secure special permits; pay business tax; and ensure the smooth flow of entrance and exit ways.
The organizers shall submit terminal reports of their activity to the city council.
The city council has approved separate resolutions confirming the memorandum of agreements entered into by Mayor Benjamin Magalong on behalf of the city government of Baguio with Active One Health Inc. for the conduct of a mental health status online survey to employees of the city government of Baguio; with the City Schools Division, represented by Schools Division Superintendent Soraya Faculo, and the Uplife Movement Inc., represented by Rev. Rowena Orajay, for the conduct of a city-wide initiative to encourage positive character values especially in the aspect of drug prevention, and help promote positive values among students in Baguio; and with Sunsmart Solar Power Technology Inc. for the conduct of a proof of concept for the electrification of streets in the city through hybrid technological solutions with possible integration of artificial intelligence of things.
Also confirmed is the deed of donation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Cordillera for the donation of 42 pieces of Benguet pine lumber to the city government, and requesting the concerned office to submit to the city council a report regarding the use of the lumber.
The city council has granted a favorable review of the supplemental/annual budgets for fiscal years 2023-2024 of barangays Poliwes P4,826,461; Phil-Am – P2,588,271; Upper Quezon Hill – P4,698,693; Victoria Village – P4,863,870; Alfonso Tabora – P4,230,710; Mines View – P5,040,231; Kabayanihan – P5,454,189; Military Cut-Off – P4,232,196; Saint Joseph Village – P6,408,011; and San Roque Village – P3,113,185; Irisan – P46,883,800; Pinsao Proper – P11,755,000; Country Club Village – P5,372,860; San Vicente – P8,699,668; Crescencia Village – 769,870; Outlook Drive – P39,600; Outlook Drive – P51,200; Imelda Marcos – P3,614,740; Andres Bonifacio-Caguioa-Rimando – P5,301,688; and Pacdal – P10,345,460.