April 21, 2024

The city council has approved Resolution 130, s. 2024 reminding the Baguio City Police Office to support and continue with the strict implementation of Ordinance 7, s. 2010, or the “The King of the Road Ordinance”.
Under the ordinance, motorists are required to stop or yield for at least five seconds at all times, or more as the case may be, before pedestrian lanes and allow pedestrians to cross or give way to crossing pedestrians before proceeding, or to slow down upon approaching a pedestrian lane and yield the vehicle to persons crossing or about to cross the pedestrian crossing.
The vehicles should not obstruct any portion of the pedestrian lane during a slow-down or a stop in vehicular traffic movement so the pedestrian lanes must always be free of any vehicles starting from each yellow borderline to the other.
In cases where a pedestrian lane is supervised by a police officer, traffic aide, members of the Public Order and Safety Division, or any person designated or assigned to direct traffic in such area, the motorists shall follow the instructions of the traffic officer in charge and drivers of ambulances, fire trucks, paramedic vehicles, police vehicles, and other vehicles in actual emergency cases only are exempt from the provision.
Violators are penalized with confiscation of their driver’s license plus fines of P1,000 on first offense; P2,000 on second offense; and P3,000 on third offense.
All offenders who are apprehended for the second and third offenses shall undergo a mandatory seminar/s before the driver’s license shall be released.”
The ordinance provides that informative traffic signs indicating motorists to yield or a driver is approaching a pedestrian lane shall be installed on every approach to a pedestrian lane in all streets and roads in Baguio.
The city council approved Resolution 142, s. 2024, which urged all barangays in Baguio to select and install their respective Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives (IPMR) on or before September 2024.
The resolution cited Section 16 of Republic Act 8371, or The Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of 1997, which acknowledges the indigenous cultural communities or indigenous peoples’ right to participate fully, if they so choose at all levels of decision-making, in matters which may affect their rights, lives, and destinies through procedures determined by them as well as to maintain and develop their indigenous political structures.
To date, only eight barangays in the city have their respective IPMRs namely Baka-keng Central, Camp 7, Happy Hallow, Irisan, Loakan Apugan, Loakan Liwanag, Loakan Proper, and Lucnab. Thus, the city council is committed to ensuring that every barangay in the City of Baguio will have its own IPMR effective this year to ensure the continued full participation of ICCs/IPs in matters affecting their development.
The resolution also tasked the Liga ng mga Barangay-Baguio City to assist in the conduct of a public consultation to all punong barangays and Sangguniang Kabataan in the city for information dissemination and education on the selection of IPMR.
Copies of the resolution were furnished to the NCIP, the Department of the Interior and Local Government, other related offices, and all the 128 barangays of the city for their information.
The city council through Resolution 143, s. 2024 has adopted and approved the proposed Scout Official For-A-Day Resolution, “Requesting the public and private basic education schools with junior and senior high students in the City of Baguio to organize age-appropriate basic life support training as part of their school’s comprehensive health and physical education curriculum.”
Introduced by Scout councilor Mark Louie Reyes during the Scout Official for a Day session on Nov. 7, 2022, the resolution acknowledges junior and senior high school student’s active role in disaster risk reduction by knowing how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support. This will equip them with basic life support skills that may be used during any contingent event.
It also stressed the duty of all public and private basic education schools in the city to provide their students with basic life support training through the use of psychomotor training that involves hands-on practice to support cognitive learning in an age-appropriate manner which shall include programs that have been developed by the Philippine Heart Association, or the Philippine Red Cross, using nationally-recognized, evidence-based guidelines for emergency cardiovascular care, and psychomotor training to support the instruction.
The resolution advised school administrators or principals to coordinate with the City Health Services Office for assistance in providing competent instructors for the school’s basic life support education training program.
Through Resolution 144, s. 2024, the city council requested the Department of Education-Division of Baguio City to undertake the regular replacement, repair, and maintenance of furniture and fixtures but not limited to electric fans, busted bulbs, dilapidated windows, and broken window glasses in all public schools and classrooms in the city.
The resolution is based on the adopted proposal of Sofad councilor Ashanti June Pongod during the Oct. 23, 2023 Sofad session.
In the resolution, the quality of education in the country suffers due to poor school facilities and services, which must be properly addressed.
Copies of the resolution were furnished to all public schools in the city for their information and appropriate action.