July 16, 2024

Dear Manang,
How true is it that I should not give candies to children? How can we be so brutal to kids when sugar is one of their joys? I bought so many bags and am ready to give it to the kids for New Year. My cousins said that it makes their kids unruly and hyperactive. Goodness! Is once a year such a bad thing from an aunt like me?
Aryan of Perfecto St., Baguio City

Dear Aryan,
You are so old school. Have you been hibernating in the South Pole? Sugar has become the poison of the century. It has been found out that sugar makes children too impulsive and moveable. They become uncontrollable. Mothers I guess are tired of chasing their children or get hoarse screaming, so they would rather not get agitated. Sugar is best in the morning so they can wear it off. Well, this is the best I can do.
A little ain’t too bad,

Dear Manang,
I don’t know how to tell my mother that she’s losing her hearing. I noticed that sometimes, she can’t hear me when I call her from behind. I need to make my voice loud. If I talk to her while she looks at me, her answers are sometimes out of tune. Do you think this means that she needs a hearing aid? I asked her if she could hear okay. She says she’s not deaf yet. I am at a loss.
Smaggy of Padre Faura, Baguio City

Dear Smaggy,
Gosh. Where did you ever see someone admit to deafness? I am sure that people will always say they hear good when in fact they cannot distinguish sounds anymore. I worked with someone before and her TV was loud enough to fill the neighborhood. But she refused to go to the doctor to test her and said she was good until she saw a handsome one. Maybe that’s encouragement. Their quality of life is poor but we have to wait.