July 16, 2024

Dear Manang,
Do you ever get this feeling like you want to jump off the roof? I know I am not well because I am sad about my life. I don’t like my hair, my face, my body, the people around me, and the pandemic. I seem to hate everything and I stay in my pajamas the whole day and sometimes only change and bathe twice a week. I am so unhappy that I feel like no one will miss me if I drink poison or drift with the waves. Do you have the same ideations?
Selena of Mirador Hill, Baguio City

Dear Selena,
Woah! You are into depression big time. There is no joy in you. What happened? My dear, everyone will miss you, we already miss you because you choose to sit in your pajamas and sulk. It is your choice but I say not a good one. Why don’t you go talk to the plants or look up at the blue sky? No one deserves to be unhappy. What about a song? If I was with you, I would make you sit and watch some K drama with me. Shake it off. Give me a call. I’ll send it to your email.
Get up,

Dear Manang,
I feel like I am Harry Potter in the Prisoner of Azkaban where all the dark forces are chasing me. Is this normal to feel like all the comments that reach me are negative? When I pass by some people, they look like they are talking about me. I think that people enjoy torturing and tormenting me.
Jonah of La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Jonah,
This is called paranoia. What makes you think that people are obsessed with you? In this world, there’s so much to think about and care about more than other people. The moment that you change that outlook and attitude, the better. Too many people are self-absorbed to even think beyond their nose. What’s up with everyone? I have some chocolates. These are happy foods. Pick them up at the office.
Eat come cake,