May 23, 2024

Not too long ago, Pasay was known as a sin city. In those days, Pasay was where college students would go to lose their virginity, and like any typical 16-year-old, savor the first taste of manhood.
Like today’s budget meals, the going rate per visit was three, yes, P3. But for the moneyed, like the studs from Bacolod or Negros, at the time the biggest exporters of sugar, 20 bucks was enough for one to pick any of the girls sitting in one corner, a room (a cubicle, actually) for an overnight tryst, and a pail of water to wash yourself with after.

Pasay would later develop into a motel town, either short time or daily, but no free breakfast. But even if the Cactus Inn and other prostitution dens had been phased out, there was no letting up in the world’s oldest profession. A room boy would be happy to provide a customer with female companionship in case of need.
Hot and cold showers included, even a jacuzzi.

With the passing of time, Pasay was soon transformed into an entertainment city, and is currently referred to as the “Las Vegas of the Country,” with four big casinos – The Resorts World Manila, The Solaire, The City of Dreams, and the controversial Okada – operating their business 24/7.
Amenities offered are a suite for high rollers, girls at the snap of a finger, and not just free breakfast, but free meals as well.

I first spotted Gretchen Barreto at the Ultra, cheering for her boyfriend Joey Loyzaga, looking all pretty, and a picture of innocence.
As gossip went, she and Joey parted ways when she got enamored with a movie hunk who would later be elected senator.
No fairy tale ending for the two, alas, since the actor was said to be “happily married.”

When GB resurfaced, she was the Tanduay calendar girl, in a sexy but refined pose that had both young and DOMs drooling.
That was her ticket to showbiz, and just when she was on her way up, GB got involved in a “take it, take it” controversy that incurred the ire of mother and daughter Annabelle and Ruffa.
Looking scared while appearing on TV to explain her refusal to go along with the rigging of the awards, Tonyboy Cojuangco came to her rescue, providing GB with a dozen bodyguards that deterred those wanting to do her harm.
Pretty soon she and Tonyboy became an item, and at last it was looking like a fairy tale ending for our girl, GB.
It would have been, had not Atong Ang stepped into the picture.

In the cockfighting or gambling world, Atong Ang is perhaps the most admired and much envied aficionado.
Not only does he have a Midas touch, many women find him desirable and attractive.
But romantic flings aren’t exactly Atong’s game. He seems to enjoy taking away the wives of rich and powerful personalities like him.
Before GB, AA reportedly ran off with the beauty queen wife of a former secretary of the Cory cabinet, who had earlier separated from his first wife belonging to a wealthy and prominent family.
I suppose, for some men, none can be more thrilling than putting shit in another man’s head.

But if you look more closely, it is actually the women playing the game better. Love is never lasting, but a security of a lifetime can be had if the girls play their cards right – a brand new car at their disposal, a lavishly furnished condo unit, jewelry and other fineries, also an ATM card that never says “enough already,” but more, more, more.

To get to where he wants to go, a woman must arm herself to the teeth. First, win a beauty title, or at least finish within the top five, find a way to get to TV or the movies, always playing it cool, waiting for the opportunity to arrive – a powerful politician, a corrupt government official, a ranking star-studded police officer, a drug or gambling lord, and believe it or not, even servants of the Lord.
Bored with their wives, and money not the problem, these are the kind of men always on the lookout for action, and of course Trophy Company.
The art of whoring has now become sophisticated, and if, aside from the above “arsenal,” the girl carries herself well and can carry a conversation, with a laugh here, a pinch there, consider the target a goner.

Let me end this column on both a sad and happy note.
A Sigma Rho resident frat brod took his own life because he could no longer stand all the bad taunts about him. Social media can be readily cruel, and care not about the feelings of others.
Another frat brod, Antonio Carpio, recently retired as a Senior Justice of the Supreme Court.
No nasty words from his critics, only good words from all.
But it is not the end of the road for Justice Carpio. I promise you he will go on to better things, always in the thick of the fight.
One of a few good men that makes us Filipinos proud, Sigma Rhoan or not.