May 25, 2024

God created the first human beings to live in paradise called the Garden of Eden. They were provided with everything they need but were instructed not to eat the fruit of the forbidden apple, but they disobeyed the Lord so they were sent away.
Adam and Eve have gone wrong but they multiplied and the descendants have inherited their sin and for many centuries the world has been in turmoil.
Then Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was sent to spread righteousness on Earth. He did not commit a crime but submitted Himself to be crucified to redeem us of our misdeeds.
However, Jesus miraculously resurrected with a promise that He will come again to rule the world if people did not repent and only the good shall have everlasting life in the Kingdom of God.
This Holy Week, let us ask the Almighty for forgiveness and live a renewed life.
Let us follow the teachings of Christ of being humble, diligent, kind, generous, caring, faithful believers of God, and doing the best we can to be able to live in comfort and joy. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City