May 24, 2024

1. The time-tested rain-calling dance performed by Bontoc villagers might have benefited some provinces and towns after it rained on Wednesday.

2. A family member of a politician in a province has declared he will be the next mayor even if two formidable rivals have already started campaigning.

3. Two officials are at odds after one of them notified the kin of the other on the unremitted fees collected from participants who joined in the trade fair.

4. A favored businesswoman with padrinos at City Hall continues to rake in money from lowly traders wanting to earn from trade fairs in public spaces.

5. Some organizers of events with commercial gains must not be ashamed in proclaiming to the public they are doing public service sans government aid.

6. The approval of a new mining site in the region indicates that IPs and ICCs now realize they could gain progress without the support of outsiders.

7. Supporters of a political leader were surprised that a Cordilleran elder prayed for blessing and success of the leadership of politicians who once defeated him.

8. The supposed weak candidate for governor in CAR might own the last laugh especially when the three other aspirants will be engaged in early campaigning.

9. An incumbent mayor has decided to join the bandwagon and is now an official ally of a ranking politician who was the master of his rival in the 2022 elections.

10. Personnel of some government sectors have performed their tasks well during the Holy Week break without pressure from an entitled civilian who knows it all.