July 21, 2024

Top-ranked National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) female darter Giselle Bulahao of Benguet has emerged  as champion in the 1st One-Davao Darts Open held in Aqua Verde Sport and Leisure, Bangkal, Davao City.

Bulahao, representing Kumpadres/Adan Builders Co. Team, ruled the ladies’ singles edging 48 other players in the event dubbed as P1 million Araw ng Kalayaan National Darts Tournament held on June 9 to 11.

TOP RANK LADY DARTER — Giselle Bulahao of Tuba, Benguet ruled all three of her competitions in a week including the ladies’ singles event in the recent 1st One-Davao P1 Million Darts Open held in Aqua Verde Sport and Leisure, Bangkal, Davao City. Bulahao, 29, is the current top ranking lady darter in the country during the 1st quarter ranking of the National Darts Federation of the Philippines. — NDFP photo

She was followed by Hall of Famer Janjan Hinojales of Robson team of Davao City in second place, and is also the third in rank among the lady darters in the country.

The event was the third competition in a week by the 29-year-old darter from Tuba, Benguet where she also championed the Michael Viola’s Tugsaw Resort National Darts Tournament on June 4 and the Engineer Boy Guido Memorial Cup on June 8.

Bulahao ranked number one during the first quarter 2023 national ranking with a total of 805 points. 

She is currently the frontrunner of the Chris Sports Lady Darter of the Year 2023 according to the NDFP, the non-profit organization of darters in the country which aims to professionalize darts and build internationally-renowned athletes from the Philippines.

Also in fifth place during the ladies national ranking was Layden de Jesus of Ablicans Millenial from Baguio City earning 331 points during the first quarter ranking.  

Meanwhile, Jex-zer Paul Esteban  of ADC Benguet, Louie Curacha of Project 587, and Yves Binay-an of Benguet ruled the classified draw triplets among 106 teams during the Davao Open.

Team Kumpadres/Adan Builders Co. members Long Longyapon, Dixie Ybañez, Ricky Camacho, and Dongheart Galleon also ranked second in the fixed four-person team event while teammates Reyden Colina and Wendell Fuentivilla placed second and third,  respectively in the golden singles event. – Ofelia C. Empian