July 23, 2024
  1. If information is right, there is an increasing number of people below 25 years old, who are engaged in illegal drug trade in the localities during the pandemic.
  2. The quality of infrastructure projects will not be compromised even if the new SOP has been increased up to 35 percent, compared to the 10 percent in the past.
  3. Members of a newly formed coop must be vigilant to protect their investments since one of their officers has been involved in several legal battles in the past.
  4. This humanitarian organization is not behind the hanging of countless tarpaulins of politicos greeting their constituents similar to political culture in the lowlands.
  5. Officials in this nearby town prefer their constituents not to be subjected to mass testing so they will not be confronted with problems due to Covid-19 pandemic.
  6. This MMA promotion is under scrutiny by several renowned media outfits for its practice of disclosing questionable worth of assets and number of followers.
  7. Several of those linked to progressive and militant groups alleged to be political fronts of the CPP-NPA-NDFP are hiding due to legitimate threats on their lives.
  8. Most churches in the locality are religiously implementing the minimum health protocols such as discouraging full capacity during regular Sunday mass services.
  9. Some LGUs lack a system to ensure establishments and offices conduct regular disinfection activities to protect clients even if it’s an additional operational cost.
  10. There was a change of heart for this chief executive when she decided to allow vendors to sell “pailaw” in the town, as the vendors are disallowed in Baguio.
  11. A government executive continues to work for the welfare of the agency and the employees, ignoring rumors she would be replaced by an eager beaver aspirant.
  12. Establishments and resorts are dismayed at how self-proclaimed social media influencers offer their expertise in exchange for free food and accommodation.