May 19, 2024
  1. Huge amount of PTA funds collected from thousands of students remains the cause of controversy among officers and teachers in this famed public school.
  2. The city will not require those coming from high risk areas after the Yuletide break to undergo 14-day quarantine if they present a negative RT-PCR result.
  3. Except for one, this ranking government official has invited most of his fellow public servants to visit his house even his possible political nemesis come 2022.
  4. Countless subscribers are seriously considering to terminate their subscription with this new Internet provider for its series of network outages and slow speed.
  5. It is just a matter of time before this government executive and his allies will be asked to answer the corruption charges for alleged rigged bidding of infra projects.
  6. An establishment was almost fined P5,000 due to alleged violation of physical distancing by its clients who flocked the store during a sudden heavy downpour.
  7. Businessmen could only smirk at the generosity of this politician knowing that behind his kindness is a paltry sum compared to what is gained from dubious deals.
  8. Many tourists remain unaware there is a continued increase of Covid-19 cases in Baguio due to expanded mass testing and contact tracing, not LGU neglect.
  9. Beneficiaries of the P50,000 appearance fee for every meeting are hoping their host will increase the amount next year, especially towards the 2022 elections.
  10. The morale of the whole PNP organization remains high despite the series of shooting incidents involving officers or their agents as these are isolated cases.
  11. Included in the SOP being requested from contractors interested to implement a project in this district is for them to buy aggregates from a kin of a benefactor.
  12. City Hall through the council must also invite parties involved in the new lease deal over 5.7 hectare property at John Hay to avoid repeating the sins of the past.