March 23, 2023
  1. This LGU should start eliminating some of the triage requirements that require visitors to pay a certain amount and after experts certified they are not necessary.
  2. There’s no truth to reports that a ranking government official intervened, which is why officials of a company are involved in an alleged disallowance case.
  3. The morale of high-ranking PNP officers remains high despite the appointment of a controversial officer as the next top cop while seniority has been disregarded.
  4. Some enterprising businessmen are considering opening ballroom centers near ‘headquarters’, as it is the preferred recreational activity of the new chief in town.
  5. Many sectors are dismayed on the recent pronouncement of a ranking government official, which has exposed the LGU’s lack of foresight on the Covid-19 pandemic.
  6. Cordillera provinces that are prone to landslides and flashfloods must ensure that health protocols are still observed in evacuation centers even during calamities.
  7. An outgoing chief executive is weighing options if he will pursue his earlier plan to run for Congress, or throw his hat for governor’s post against formidable foes.
  8. Individuals, who don’t know any better, complain about power interruption while in the comfort of their homes when Beneco crew risk their lives to restore power.
  9. Two ranking government officials just displayed their insensitivity to suffering Filipinos when they took a selfie at the dolomite beach at the height of a typhoon.
  10. The P50,000 to P100,000 reward to anyone who could report corrupt activities of officials is just a joke of the day since those concerned know the culprits.
  11. With huge funds gone to waste due to corruption, the government should avail of a foreign loan in billions once the Covid-19 vaccine is available in the market.
  12. Many elected officials who promised during the campaign to be with the people in times of calamities cannot be reached by affected residents during typhoons.

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